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view postfix email queue
move android whatsapp data to iphone
Fritz VPN von Windows aus
Windows 10 trouble
Linux Server cpu vergleichen
picture restore
office 2007 updates
Office 2013 und 2010: Word-Datei mit Passwort verschlüsseln
vulnability web scanner
test http performance
readpst - linux pst tool
ubuntu debian chroot .. unlock user
perl ping statistic
linux zeichensatz probleme
linux vncserver - show gnome menu
free antiviurs for linux
screenshot tool
dhcp server for tests and more
port monitor - serial port tracing under windows using sysinternals tool: portmon
block unwanted sites in /etc/hosts
unix - get numbers from a string
plain html simple wiki
Tibco Bus - Linux network optimization
data recovery software
where is tha path to All Users Desktop (i need variables) under windows
python mount check
put hostname to ps -ef command
win 7 user logon problem -> lösung profil löschen
windows - Netzwerkstandort lässt sich nicht ändern
windows findstr example
smart hdd check
check_mk debug show hosts
linux distributed shell / parallele shell
windows 7 startmenü
Excel - aktuelle Uhrzeit
better readable diff command
linux - clone using dd
regular expression - get first element
RRD -> GAUGE nach Counter umstellen
RRD -> Remove Spikes
windows installer meldungen wegbekommen
windows 2012 - remove windows files
windows start menü - roaming profile
visual studio - windows sdk
Services / Dienste Shortcut auf Desktop
Computer Mgmt Shortcut auf Desktop
wmic - windows performance überwachung
Strings in mehreren Dateien ersetzten
nagios log readable
check xml syntax on commandline
Win7 Startmenü
windows - simple deployment bat
performance messung unter linux
banner unter linux
Windows Domäne - User info
Eclipse - GIT
GIT on centos
GIT - interacting with your project
windows service in commandline
Backup&Recovery ähnlich clonezilla
USB Stick / USB Boot
show windows processes
linux prozesse .. mit pid
outlook 2007 winmail.dat
linux speedtest
zeit dienst windows 2008 server
virtualbox convert
php viren spam trojaner - ekweiden
google sync
save outlook emails to disk
linux - verstecken speicher finden
vmware disk defekt
visio alternative
esxi 5.5 - Windows XP vSphere Client 5.5
typo3 problem bei rsr märz 2014
Using Perl, how do I check if a process with given name is running or not?
Linux Malware detection and removal
Last changed in typo3
typo3 absender email
typo3: Bestimmtes Content-Element in Template einbauen
Taskleiste von windows 7 sichern
find spam sending scripts on your server
alternative zu teamviewer
sbs server error
windows indexing alternatives
windows 7 indexing - problem odt dateien werden nicht indiziert
sbs server 2008 cleanup
proxy for kids
tail -f in windows powershell
windows 8 - altes menü
windows 7 - remote desktop verbindung
IBM Internal Routing Table - 2012-06-15
ntop --> read in tcpdump file
Microsoft Exchange mailbox statistics
dhcpd-pools tool
google analytics - anonymous approach
openvpn automatisch starten via batch
sniffer linux tools
windows xp systemwiederherstellungspunkt zurücksichern
secure apache
build rpm package using checkinstall
red hat --> add local rpm repository
mysql - reset root password
linux iozone - io mess tool -> downloadable from rpmforge
centos - update to special version
proxy chain - linux socks tool
Rational Software Architect
western digital WD20EARS
start ibm tivoli directory integrator
windows 2003 reparatur
linux soft-raid beobachten
io-benchmark linux
vnc - better window manager
NTFS optimieren
windows 7 Rescue CD
ntfs3g mount windows verzeichnis
linux grep error - file list to long
BartPE Recovery Tool
linux mount sata cdrom
thunderbird - useful plugins
awk - patterns
perl expert exchange
outlook express
typo3 - extensions 2know
typo3 - numeriertes menü
typo3 - debugging
typo3 - druckansicht
typo3 - wichtige css formatierungen
typo3 - pageNotFound_handling
typo3 - ttnews formatierungs trouble
typo3 - metatags
ibm tivoli netview
aix monitoring tool
aix increase file system
aix-hardware info
aix boot process
aix inittab - apache - netview
IBM 8239 (switch)
qpopper - pop3 under aix
linux socks-config
linux socks example
linux mtu size
netstat aix
Linux Howtos in Deutsch
fetchmail linux
vmstat //unix auslastung
dstat //unix auslastung
output on email
uuencode - send emails
socks server linux
user can not login under aix
snmptrap example
redhat static route
aix route
aix memory infos
linux memory info
aix commands
linux, start script after reboot
vi - replace sign in line
perl replace string in multiple linues
aix file packages, see what files are in a fileset
backup aix
license aix
directory usage under aix
AIX NameServer / Nameresolution
unix commands
copy linux harddrive
linux - filesystem reiserfs
linux - add user to group
netcat - copy directory to other host via a special tcp port
register service under inetd under linux / unix
Perl debugger
linux fdisk
IBM MSS/8210 - which one is active?
spanning tree SNMP MIB
NFS on centos
linux fstab settings
AIX Backup restore
IBM Tivoli Netview
CISCO documentation
no icmp under linux
Cisco Switching
Linux on IBM Thinkpads (T21)
DHCP on linux
unix date commands
linux shell scripts example
cron job on windows nt
unix / linux kill all clocks
unix / linux ping all hosts
kornshell automatic ftp
bash script to be started one hour later if failed
Perl CPAN install modules
Perl CPAN with socks
Perl debug
Perl timestamp
RRDTool under AIX
bash promt
putty / winscp registry keys
vi debian - Zeilen verschieben sich beim einfügen
X11 Forwarding
Linux terminal window header
vi editor commands
unix date commands
Serial Cable 2 Linux
Windows NTP Tool
linux ntp time
NTP Server im Internet
ntp under windows
AIX ksh user settings
apache - access control
apache - error - Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name
apache - access control - .htaccess sample
apache & php
apache & mod_ssl
apache starting with non-root user
MRTG under AIX
grep over several zipped files
Linux and IBM Lotus Notes (before Windows 2000)
IBM Lotus Notes - second address book
AIX - vmstat
AIX - 4.3.3 installation
MRTG protcol cpu utilization
interesting news groups
IBM Tivoli Netview - update symbols
IBM Networking 8260 - superuser reset
MRTG diskspace and inode consumption
MRTG Latency script
Perl & cpan & AIX
Linux - see operating version
Perl - Activestate
cygwin things
AIX - X11 forwarding
Filesystem on AIX
LINUX-GNOME Mailprogram
Cisco - sflow
Perl - charts
Perl - Regular Expressions
Perl - write variables content on disk
Cisco things
Cisco - Top N Port
Linux - RPM
linux - apt
AIX - software - see version
Aventail: change conneciton order
Network Cat x cable
Cisco 6509 MSFC Router - Health Check Sample
Cisco 6509 Switche (CatOS based) - Health Check Sample
Cisco NTP settings
xterm color
linux vmstat script
IBM Ldap
samba smb mount
samba show windows shares
linux manual pages
AIX filesets
Cisco Tacacs settings
shows which programs are running on which ports
Linux disk performance
disable windows drive shares c$
linux ip-tables // masquerading
AIX software updates
mysql database 2know
mysql sql queries
database import - sonderzeichen problem
Auerswald Telefonanlage
RPC settings with windows 2000
3COM switch passwort recover
linux /etc/hosts in table format
CheckPoint Firewall 1
CheckPoint Firewall - Hochverfügbarkeit VPn 4.1 mit SP2
LDAP & Linux
AIX syslog settings
fetchmail und procmail
awk - show systems in upload dir: alpabetically, unique
Linux WINE - QUICKEN 2002
vmware server
samba file mount to windows system
vmware server - compilation and hang problem
vmware server - vmware tools
linux change user settings for a directory
Linux - PCMCIA - IBM Notebook 770X
windows 2000 - turn on as routing machine
3com switch trouble - passwords
AIX maintenance
How to Create a Startup Boot Disk for Windows XP
ip address change under redhat
db2 monitoring
REDHAT Directory Server 4.1 installation
IBM Ldap replication queue
ssh portforwarding - pub key authentication
LDAP Directory Server 4.1 - 2know
IBM db2 commands
IBM ldapsearch examples
linux stunnel
ldap modify example
linux shell - watch files
IBM 8277 switch
Microsoft Outlook - cannot open files
IBM Tivoli TEC events parsing
compile c program with ldap library
Network managment - Concord eHealth
Network mangement - Lucent VitalSuite
disable interface using snmp
cvs program header
screenshot xwindows
kde adressbuch
x11 windows - xdmcp
ping mtu size test
windows xcopy example
t-online - username
linux tar backup
postfix - 2know
rsync - best linux sync tool
linux loganalysis tool
3ware sata raid
linux - show uninterruptible processes
linux software raid
perl - monitor file age script
debian 8 - /etc/cron.daily/man-db >> error: fopen: Permission denied
rc.local things are not beeing executed on CentOS / RedHat 7
watchguard - mobile ssl vpn - use radius authentication
perl - escape the $ dollar sign
squid - logs with human readable timeformat
check_mk data-source check FTP upload via ncftpput
perl - get year-month-day string
hp cookbook - scripte to backup switch config
network: hp switch - faultfinder
network: hp procurve / aruba switch stack - firmware update
network: hp procurve / aruba switch boot
FritzBox - AllIP Telekom Anschluss - Internettelefone einstellen
FritzBox - emergency IP
FritzBox - Sniffing Wireshark
Typo3 - coloring table elements using css3
enable html rendering for typo3 7 tables (e.g. a html link does not work in the table anymore)
windows change file attribute (date or time and more)
shop systeme - blog
VPN PSK generator
outlook is not starting
watchguard firewall as dns forwarder
Typo3 7.6 LTS - Upload Files problem
detect dhcp servers
smtp test tool
How to migrate a Windows PC to a Parallels Desktop virtual machine
veeam free edition - backup automation
enter special character ë on mac-os / apple os
hp switch - firmware download link
hex to ip address calculator
deploy check_mk agent
perl script::
comware - howto disable the MORE prompt?
network flowcontrol
Teamviewer Firewall Rule
Linux how to delete X-Windows
GPS coordinates, latitude and longitude
check_mk local check:
android samsung smartswitch - put data from old phone to new phone
linux hard link alternative approach
apache > reverse proxy > tomcat
how to install windows 10
Wechsel von Android zu iPhone, iPad oder iPod touch
build a dos bootable usb stick
rsync with hardlinks
ethereum mining - troube with amd gpu using Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS
screenshot ios / mac / apple
linux network adapter is not working, made expirience with a not working r8169 card tried to run under ubuntu kernel 4.4.0-93 (Ubunt 16.04.03 LTS) (October 2017)
AMD Graphik card does not run under ubuntu 16.04.03, you cannot run clinfo command without error
run as administrator
windows 10 firewall logs
how to: wake on lan intel nuc and remote shutdown windows 10 .. via linux
upgrade ubuntu
tcpdump -- error: permission denied when writing new file
automatic screencopy script using python
Windows server as NTP server
Kyocra 3051 service manual - fax settings
cleanup sbs 2008 server
hamachi tcp connection does not work on a germany unity media ipv6 internet line
linux - screen - screen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation
open multiple firefox instances
backup google photos / pictures
network: comware port mirroring
HPE / Comware network snmp transceiver mibs
comware - dhcp server im vlan
Firefox - problem with ssl website: SEC_ERROR_OCSP_TRY_SERVER_LATER
Magento Error: "Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons"?
redhat / centos linux cpan Net::SSH::Perl
h3c - comware switches - snmp mib fan and power
Aruba WLAN Accesspoint - console pin
useful vmware esxi shell commands
Telekom T Concept XI321
snmptable .. the better snmpwalk for interfaces
perl script - get snmp uptime and sysname
qnap - snmp problem
qnap - snmp: denial of service message
linux - vnstat - console based traffic monitor
windows 7 > symbols > links are removed from desktop regularay
Speedtest on own server
dsgvo - typo3 opt-out google
important hosts
bootstrap template
snmp: power of ethernet enable - disable
linux ssh - no matching cipher found
regular expressions tester
cleanup postfix mail queue, if mails are older than a specific age
how to handle denial of service attack on port 443 - linux webserver
windows - read out installed software from remote
linux - watch cpu frequency
shodan - search engine security
hp procuve / aruba switch remote mirroring
debian - remove service from runlevel
windows 10 does not boot anymore -> repair bootloader
slow windows 10 boot start (with amd graphic)
windows 10 - how to disable cortana (searchui.exe take a lot of performance)
raspberry pi - nac, network management, freeradius, 802.1x
linux - securly overwrite a partition or a disk
apple pin finder (Bildschirmzeit pin)
festplatte / teilbereiche verschlüsseln >> veracrypt
mysql 8 - reset password
how to mount a partition of a qcow2 format file
bgp routing check
ssh "backdoor" scripts
mailserver - spam considerations
Firefox Error: Blockiert von der Inhaltsicherheitsrichtlinie (CSP)
windows 1gbit / 10gbit vmware server - trouble with tcp ECN bit
windows updates - offline
apple installation from El capitan does not work
watchguard firewall - sslvpn
mac os - cpu burn in test
video stream - rstp - to browser via mpjpeg format
checkmk - pnp4nagios
HP Switch - default login shows menu - how to change that?
wo liegen itunes backup dateien?
jumbe frame size - hpe comware switche
ip router arp - Anzahl arp Requeste
ip router arp - get number of arp requests
HPE Comware syslog format anpassen >> ip statt hostname
buffalo linkstation - repair / new harddrive
netgear switch m4100
windows server (version 2019 and other) - time zone settings
rsync / ssh jail for linux on centos
Lexware - pdf drucken funktioniert nicht
aruba AOS-CX Version 10.4 best practices
Cisco 200 Series Smart Switches - networking
Linux / php >> connection to mssql database
checkmk - active ldap check
linux ubuntu 20 - trouble with triumph adler printer LP 4235
ethos / ethosdistro trouble with claymore miner mining ethereum
what is my ipaddress
wie ist meine ip adresse?
HPE Aruba IMC - NTA problem with mysql database
ethOS Mining OS - change timezone
sniff dhcp
checkmk install problem with version 1.6 and centos 8
socat - useful and simple linux port forwarding
hpe / aruba switche - problem with sfp lrm modules
ethOS Mining OS - prevent mining restart
Noxon Radios firmware
fritzbox - reboot - automation
Ubuntu / Linux Mint mount to windows or samba share
checkmk agent - error message when installing on windows 2000
network - huawei switches - useful commands
HPE Server - ProLiant ML350 G6 info
Debian GNU/Linux - security / hardening tools
mDNS / Multicast DNS things to know
HPE Switch Chromecast Gateway and Bonjour Gateway
watchguard - webblocker
checkmk: Monitoring Mircrosoft Exchange Transport Queue
regular expression validator
Watchguard Single Sign on (SSO)
Motherboard Z390-A PRO (MS-7B98) MSI - trouble with more than 4 GPU
nslookup alternative >> the dig command
Device LLDP PVID mismatch
aruba hpe stacking switch 3810 config sample
raspberry pi - update raspbian os
fail2ban info
Baramundi firewall ports
windows 10 client - useful certificate commands
Adobe Connect
ubuntu netplan - setting ip address on ubuntu
mysql / mariadb > no access to localhost
macaddress collector from hpe / cisco router / switch
libreoffice - make unix timestamp readable
network - korenix switch 4508 configuration sample
microsoft office 365 - how to check dns records for email
checkmk - windows netstat plugin: netstat_an.bat
ubuntu - disable apache autoindex / apache index
checkmk network monitoring

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