Firmware Update

1. check if there is enough space on flash:
<sysname> dir

1.1 display information abouth the current software images
<sysname> display version

1.2 check the boot order:
<sysname> display boot-loader

2. make a backup of the current firmware:
<sysname> boot-loader file boot flash:/<filename> system flash:/<filename> slot 1 backup

sample (copy all current flashes to all members):
<sysname> boot-loader file boot flash:/5130ei-cmw710-boot-r3109p05.bin system flash:/5130ei-cmw710-system-r3109p05.bin all backup

3. load new fireware to switch:
<sysname> tftp <IP-Address> get <Image.ipe>

4. boot-loader file flash:/<Image.ipe> slot 1 main
<sysname> boot-loader update all

5. optional step -> if you need some space:
<sysname> delete /unreserved flash:/<file name>
<sysname> reset recycle-bin

6. verify the startup image settings again:
<sysname> display boot-loader

7. reboot the device to complete the upgrade
<sysname> reboot

8. verify the software after reboot
<sysname> display version

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