hiveos - network interface kills the local network

problem: a rig with nvidea rtx 3080 cards kills from time to the the whole network and also the wlan
on the fritzbox (7490) - seen with hive os version: 5.4.80-hiveos · H 0.6-190 · N 465.24.02 (april 2021)

>> see also

>> steps to do

1.)use command: ethtool -i eth0
to see your driver

root@myrig:~# ethtool -i eth0
driver: e1000e
version: 3.8.4-NAPI
firmware-version: 0.2-4

>> if it's an intel driver continue, if not I don't know if it helps as well ;-)

2.) turn off tcp-segmentation-offload and alos generic-segementation-offload
> in file /etc/network/interfaces, add the following line:
post-up ethtool -K eth0 tso off gso off

2.1) reboot the system

3.) now check if the settings have applied, by using command:
ethtool -k eth0 |grep tcp-segmentation-offload
ethtool -k eth0 |grep tx-tcp-segmentation
ethtool -k eth0 |grep generic-segmentation-offload
>> all the parameters above should now be "off"

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