#Aruba 7005 controller firmware update through console
- show image version #see the actual image files and versions
- show memory #see the available free memory
- show storage #check if there is enough flash space
- delete filename <filename> #delete something, in case there is not enough space
- backup flash #make a copy of the configuration > file is saved to flashbackup.tar.gz
- dir #check your files
- copy you backup to somewhere else:
---- (host) #copy flash: flashbackup.tar.gz ftp: <ftphost> <ftpuser> <remote-directory> <destinationfilename> <ftpuserpassword>
---- or: (host) #copy flash: flashbackup.tar.gz usb: partition <partition-number> <destinationfilename>
- copy a backup file to the flash:
---- (host) #copy tftp: <tftphost> <filename> flash: flashbackup.tar.gz
---- or: (host) #copy usb: partition <partition-number> <filename> flash: flashbackup.tar.gz
- download the fireware file from asp: > filename for example: ArubaOS_70xx_10.3.1.3_85763
- copy from tftp server to second flash: copy tftp: ArubaOS_70xx_10.3.1.3_85763 system: partition 1

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