how to use built-in symmetric encryption?

1) create a rule to access the target using a shared password
>> Setup menu and create a rule in the Setup > Agents > Access to agents > Checkmk agent > Encryption (Linux, Windows)

2) on target host, configure the agent to run in encrypted mode
>> create file: /etc/check_mk/encryption.cfg
>> using the following content:


>> give the file the right access rights (on linux)
chmod 600 /etc/check_mk/encryption.cfg

3) how to test?
3.1 on agent machine just run a "check_mk_agent" .. you should see only strange letters
3.2 test with telnet using "telnet agentmachine 6556" .. you should also see only strange leters
3.3 on checkmk server, run the command "cmk -d agentmachine" .. you should see the normal agent data

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