IMC license transfer


IMC license transfer instructions (text only):

IMC license keys are locked to the software serial number.

If you move your IMC licenses to another computer or a new VM a new IMC software serial number will be created.
To obtain a fresh license key for the new software serial number, you need to transfer the IMC licenses from the old software serial number to the new one.

Before you start the license transfer make a note of the current IMC software serial number and the new IMC software serial number.

An IMC license transfer will move all the licenses to the new serial number.

IMC licenses can be transferred up to 3 times without Customer Support assistance.

- Step 1: Sign in to the My Networking account where the current IMC serial number is registered.
My Networking portal:

- Step 2: On the home page/dashboard, select “Transfer licenses to new platform”.
Note: There are several paths to the transfer license pages such as the My License dropdown menu, on the My Licenses page and from the License Details page.

- Step 3: On the Transfer Licenses page, enter the current IMC software serial number in the Search field and click Search. All the licenses registered to the software serial number will be displayed for your review.

- Step 4: Click the Select icon (>>) to the right of the platform license. This will open the License Details page.
Review the license information to confirm this is the serial number whose licenses will be transferred to the new serial number.
Click Next to proceed.

- Step 5: On the Transfer licenses to a new platform page, enter the new IMC software serial number in the Target serial number* field and click the Transfer button.

- Step 6A successful transfer will display a confirmation page with the new license key file and the transfer details for each license.

- Last Step: Download and install the license key file.

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