Tested with:

1) Connect Console Cable (ENET 0) / watch the output using Tera Term or another serial console tool

wait for:
Hit <Enter> to stop autoboot:
to enter apboot area!

apboot> factory_reset
apboot> boot

apboot> osinfo

apboot> setenv ipaddr
apboot> setenv netmask
apboot> setenv gatewayip

apboot> setenv serverip
apboot> upgrade os ArubaInstant_Centaurus_6.5.4.27_88283
apboot> upgrade os ArubaInstant_Centaurus_8.6.0.23_88342

if you want to upgrade partition 1 (default is partition 0), use this command:
for example:
apboot> upgrade os 1 ArubaInstant_Centaurus_6.5.4.27_88283

apboot> save
apboot> boot

- https://acmxguy.wordpress.com/2020/05/06/aruba-iap-ap-boot-image-upgrade/

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