You can specify the default flash to boot from on the next boot by entering the
boot set-default flash command:
HP Switch(config)# boot set-default flash secondary

Booting from the default flash
Syntax: boot[system[flash | <primary | secondary> ]] [config FILENAME]
- system:Boots the switch. You can specify the flash image to boot from. When using
redundant management, boots both the active and standby management modules.

#reload command
This command boots the switch from the currently active flash image and
startup-config file. Because reload bypasses some subsystem self-tests, the switch
boots faster than if you use a boot command.

#schedule a reload:
- To schedule a reload in 15 minutes: HP Switch# reload after 15
- To schedule a reload in 3 hours: HP Switch# reload after 03:00
- To schedule a reload for the same day at 12:05: HP Switch# reload at 12:05
- To schedule a reload for some future date: HP Switch# reload at 12:05 01/01/2008

#scheduled stack reboot:
----> your-switch(config)# job reboot at 08:55 "boot system"

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