read the readme file that comes with the update package.

document the theoretical update path, if you have to apply several update steps, like for example, if you have E0703 installed, the update path would be:
imc: JG748AAE 7.3 (E0703)
>> update path: 7.3 (E0705)
>> update path: 7.3 (E0706)>> P06
>> update path: 7.3 (E0706P06) >> update Hotfix (because of log4j security issue)

Once you have downloaded and extraced the update files in a directory that can be access by the IMC server and its Deployment Monitoring Agent, you can follow this steps (this steps are also within the readme file!)

update steps:

1 Back up the IMC database on the Environment tab in the Deployment Monitoring Agent.
2 Manually copy the IMC installation directory to a backup path.
3 Stop IMC in the Deployment Monitoring Agent.
4 Restart IMC server.
5 Click Install on the Monitor tab of the Deployment Monitoring Agent
6 Select the windows/install/components directory in the upgrade package and click OK.
7 Click OK in the popup message dialog box.
8 Click Start in the Upgrade Common Components dialog box to upgrade common components.
9 After common components are upgraded, click Close.
10 In distributed deployment mode, stop the Deployment Monitoring Agent on the master server and restart the Deployment Monitoring Agent on every subordinate server. Click Yes in the popup message dialog box to upgrade common components on every subordinate server.
11 The Deployment Monitoring Agent displays all components that need to be upgraded. Click OK to start upgrading.
12 In distributed deployment mode, upgrade all components deployed on every subordinate server.
13 After all components are updated, start all processes in the Deployment Monitoring Agent.

>>>> when you have trouble after the update:
if the IMC does not start after your update session, make sure to undeploy all packages that have still an old version, like vor example the old WLAN management module etc.

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