rpm directory: /usr/src/packages/RPMS/s390/freeradius-1.0.0-1.s390.rpm

rpm -hiv --force --nodpes file.rpm #force it ;-)
rpm -q -a #list all install packages ..

rpm -qa -last |Orders the package listing by install time such that the latest
packages are at the top.

rpm -q -p file.rpm #checks given rpm-files, see version number
rpm -q -p -i file.rpm #see information about given rpm-files
rpm -q -p -l file.rpm #listing of all files belonging to this paket
rpm -q -l file.rpm #see files of installed .rpm file
rpm -q --requires file.rpm #->show's packets/libs that are needed
rpm -q --provides file.rpm #->show's packets/libs that will be installed by this paket
rpm -Va #see missing files #verify ..
rpm -qf /usr/bin/smbmount #find out which package owns it
rpm -Fvh openssh*.rpm #Then, install the package using the following command to apply the update:
rpm -ba foobar-1.0.spec #building a rpm file
rpm -bb foobar-1.0.spec #building only binary rpm
- copy files specified in spec file to /usr/src/packages/BUILD
s390: stored under /usr/src/packages/RPMS/s390/
Use the command 'rpm/rpmbuild -ta dante-<version>.tar.gz' to build all rpm files.

rpm --rebuild src.rpm #make binaray rpm => /usr/src/redhat

#force install of package from other architecture
rpm -iv --force --nodeps --ignorearch freeradius-IBM-bluegroup-1-14.s390.rpm

-> build "noarch" rpm
rpm -bb --target=noarch specfile

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