szenario: update iMC to version E710P04 on a new operating system

before: iMC PLAT 7.3 (E0705P02) on Windows 2016
after: iMC Plat 7.3 (E0710P04) on Windows 2022

there is some documentation about this migration from HPE:
- HPE_IMC_Windows_Migration_Guide.pdf (from 2023)
- HPE IMC Windows Migration Guide - HPE IMC Windows Migration Guide-a00038008en_us.pdf

update steps:
-> update the old imc version on the old server to the latest server, we needed this steps:
update steps:
iMC PLAT 7.3 (E0705P02) > iMC PLAT 7.3 (E0705P12) [success] > iMC PLAT 7.3 (E0706) [success]
> iMC PLAT 7.3 (E0706P11) [success] > iMC PLAT 7.3 (E0708) > iMC PLAT 7.3 (E0708P3)
> iMC PLAT 7.3 (0710) > iMC PLAT 7.3 (071004)

-> after that run a final database backup, and prepare the new server with the latest iMC version

!! before restore the database make sure to follow this steps!!
From Relase Notes of the latest version
Before restoring the old database on the new migrated system, please copy $iMC/common/conf/ks.dat and$iMC/server/conf/imchw.conf files from the old IMC server to the corresponding directories on all IMC platform andsubordinate servers, including the remote database server.
Reboot all the servers so the encryption keys take effect.
Restore the database.

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