oot@debian10:/omd/versions/default# cmk-agent-ctl register --help
cmk-agent-ctl-register 1.0.0
Register with a Checkmk site

Register with a Checkmk instance for monitoring. The required information can be read from a config file or must be
passed via command line.

cmk-agent-ctl register [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

-d, --detect-proxy
Detect and use proxy settings configured on this system for outgoing HTTPS connections. The default is to
ignore configured proxies and to connect directly
-h, --help
Prints help information

Blindly trust the server certificate of the Checkmk site

-V, --version
Prints version information

-v, --verbose
Enable verbose output. Use once (-v) for logging level INFO and twice (-vv) for logging level DEBUG

-H, --hostname <host-name>
Name of this host in the monitoring site

-P, --password <password>
Password for API user. Can also be entered interactively

-s, --server <server>
Address of the Checkmk site in the format "<server>" or "<server>:<port>"

-i, --site <site>
Name of the Checkmk site

-U, --user <user>
API user to use for registration


example: server = localhost, user = cmkadmin, site=1
cmk-agent-ctl register -H debian10 -P <password> -s localhost -i site1 -U cmkadmin

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