-> add a line to the rsyslog configuration file: /etc/rsyslog.conf

#forward all messages to remote syslog server
*.* @@
*.* @

#restart the service after the change
systemctl restart rsyslog.service

##from the rsyslogd.conf man page:
>> from the man page:
To forward messages to another host via UDP, prepend the hostname with the at sign ("@"). To forward
it via plain tcp, prepend two at signs ("@@"). To forward via RELP, prepend the string ":omrelp:" in
front of the hostname.

*.* @

In the example above, messages are forwarded via UDP to the machine, the destination port
defaults to 514. Due to the nature of UDP, you will probably lose some messages in transit. If you
expect high traffic volume, you can expect to lose a quite noticeable number of messages (the higher
the traffic, the more likely and severe is message loss).

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