older tool with an hp workstation B2000

how to clone the harddrive of such a B2000 for emergency issues??


information to HP B2000:

HP B2000 Workstation (A5983A, A5983AR, A5983B, A5983BR, A5983C, A6043A, B2000, Y1644A)
The legacy HP B2000 Worstation is the ideal combination for price and performance.
With it's PA-Risc 8500 400Mhz Processor with 1.5MB on-chip cache, up to 2Gb Memory,
and integrated on-board visualize fxe graphics this system provides the best 3D capability
across all HP workstations. As one of HP's most affordable and powerful PA-RISC workstations,
the B2000 is still widely used as an ABB Advant station for defense, power plants,
paper mills and other industries around the world.


sam (hp verwaltung tool)
disk devices:
0/0/15/0.6.0 LVM vg00 17366 HP 18.2GST318406LC
Internet Adresses kmg01s1 umc2 cmm_1 zell umc1

Let's suppose that your boot disk is /dev/rdsk/c0t6d0 and that your lifeboat disk is /dev/rdsk/c1t5d0.
dd if=/dev/rdsk/c0t6d0 bs=256k of=/dev/rdsk/c1t5d0

>> ls /dev/rdsk: c0t0d0 c2t6d0 flopp rmbfloppy2
>> if you build in a second hardrive, you see: c2t5d0

the right cloning "dd" command is therefore:
dd if=/dev/rdsk/c2t6d0 bs=256k of=/dev/rdsk/c2t5d0

clone disk:
- https://community.hpe.com/t5/system-administration/hp-ux-mirroring-disk-clone-a-hdd-into-another-hdd/td-p/5037136

hp dynroot disk tool
- https://myenterpriselicense.hpe.com/cwp-ui/free-software/DynRootDisk
- https://www.slideshare.net/slide44/hp-uxdynamicrootdiskbootdiskcloningbenefitsandusecasesdusanbaljevicmar2013

other readme:
- read out old SCSI-harddrive: - Mikrocontroller.net: https://www.mikrocontroller.net/topic/481710

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