When possible use modifications that can be removed so the device can be returned for service in the same condition that it was provided as at time of purchase.

Otherwise it is likely the warranty would be void.

If a customer makes a decision that it is acceptable to void the warranty and chooses to paint the device anyway, here are some guidelines when painting RF (Access Point) devices.


Use a paint that has no conductive properties (i.e. metal colored flakes etc.)

Here are some paints that were tested that displayed good RF characteristics.
Brand Name Product Line Color Spray Can Part Number Gallons Part Number
Rust-Oleum Professional Gray Primer 7582 7769 (Aluminum Primer)
Rust-Oleum Professional Light Machine Gray 7581 7781
Rust-Oleum Professional Dark Machine Gray 7587 7786 (Smoke Gray)
Rust-Oleum Professional Hunter Green 7538 7738
Rust-Oleum Professional Dark Brown 7548 7748
Rust-Oleum Professional Gloss Black 7579 7779

Rust-Oleum brand can be found at https:/?/?
Figure 5. When painting do not get paint into any of the connectors (tape them properly)


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