>> under section plugins, set enabled to yes and define the pattern to match "veeam_backup_status.ps1". Don't forget to set async to yes and the cache age to for example 3600, to execute the script only once an hour.

file ... check_mk.user.yml :

# $CUSTOM_PLUGINS_PATH$ -> is ProgramData/checkmk/agent/plugins
# $BUILTIN_PLUGINS_PATH$ -> is Program Files(x86)/checkmk/service/plugins

enabled: yes
- pattern: $CUSTOM_PLUGINS_PATH$\veeam_backup_status.ps1
async: yes
timeout: 120
cache_age: 300
retry_count: 2

# enabled: yes

# max_wait: 60 # max timeout for every sync plugin. Agen will gather plugins data no more than max_wait time.
# this is useful to terminate badly written or hanging plugins

# async_start: yes # start plugins asynchronous, this is default

# folders are scanned left -> right, order is important
# all files from folders are gathered and verified, duplicated files will be removed
# folders: ['$CUSTOM_PLUGINS_PATH$', '$BUILTIN_PLUGINS_PATH$' ] # ProgramData/checkmk/agent/plugins & Program Files x86/checkmk/service/plugins

# *********************************************************************************************
# patterns 1. Absolute path: 'c:\Windows\*.exe' or '$CUSTOM_PLUGINS_PATH$\win_license.bat'
# 2. Only Filename: 'mk_*.exe' or win_license.bat
# IMPORTANT: if you use relative path, then Agent takes only filename
# 'win_license.bat' and 'include\win_license.bat' are the same
# Most important is top-most pattern:


useful hint!!
make sure that the yaml file check_mk.user.yml is still valid, after changing something within the file!
>> use a validator for test
>> https://www.computer2know.de/yaml-file-syntax-validator:::625.html

to test if the cached settings in the checkmk config file were set correctly, check the output of the checkmk client (telnet <ip> 6555),
and look for the <<<veeam_.... >>> line >> the line should contain a "cached" information, like the sample below:


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