ArubaOS-CX wake on lan / ip directed broadcast

how to handle wake on lan packets on ArubaOS-CX switches?

using ip directed broadcast to get WOL (wake on LAN) running over different routed subnets.

On ArubaOS-CX switches IP directed broadcast is supported on:
- Route Only Port (ROP)
- Switched Virtual Interface (SVI)
- Layer 3 Link Aggregation Group (L3LAG) interfaces

turn ip directed broadcast on for vlan 999:
switch(config)# interface vlan 999
no shutdown
ip address
ip directed-broadcast

> now all ip directed broadcast will be "broadcasted" to all members in vlan 999

> ACL (Access lists) can be used to only allow this ip-directed broadcast from specific ip-adresses,
for example only ip is allowed to send wol
access-list ip ipdb
10 permit udp any eq 7
100 deny udp any any eq 7

#apply access list on interface where the packets are initiated
interface vlan500
apply access-list ip ipdb routed-in

show ip interface vlan999 #show ip directed broadcast status on interface
show ip directed-broadcast #gives you an overview where ip directed broadasts are enabled

see also:

how to use wol.exe to initiate a ip directed broadcast packet:

wol.exe <<destination mac>> /d

>> is the broadcast network address of the subnet
>> wol.exe - you can download it from:

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