arubaos / procurve switche - find out ip address of connected clients

option (1):
one way to do that in a nice way is using "ip client-tracker"

command: ip client-tracker

# Enables or disables the visibility of statically and
# dynamically assigned IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for both
# authenticated clients and non-authenticated clients

to see the clients run the command: show port-access clients

option (2)
the other way is using dhcp snooping

DHCP-Snooping Configuration:

(MySwitch)<config># dhcp-snooping enable
(MySwitch)<config># dhcp-snooping vlan 1099
(MySwitch)<config># show dhcp-snooping

and define a trusted interface where the dhcp answers are allowed to come from, for example:
Interface trk1
dhcp-snooping trust

to see the clients run the command: show dhcp-snooping binding

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