HP ProCurve Switch Stack Firmware Update

1. save the config. (write memory)
2. save current software to secondary (copy flash flash secondary)
3. upload the new software to primary - it doesn't matter which way:
- via menu
- via web
- via tftp: copy tftp flash <ip-address> <remote-os-file> [<primary | secondary>]
3.1: verify image using "show flash"
4. reboot the stack (boot system flash primary)

Things to know:
- A "reboot" or "reload" (and the corresponding MIB) would cause only the commander to get rebooted.
A "boot system" would boot the entire stack
- uploading software to the commander will cause all members to have that software loaded as well
- scheduled stack reboot can be done via command job:
----> your-switch(config)# job reboot at 08:55 "boot system"

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