see aruba tac:


nstant AP is unable to communicate with via HTTP/HTTPS.

>> information from the tac page:
1. Can the Instant AP resolve
From CLI of Instant AP ping
If no resolution check the Instant AP is configured with a DNS server to send DNS queries to Use CLI command ‘show summary support | include NameServer’

2. Can the Instant AP route to
From CLI of Instant AP ping
If there is no response it may just be that ICMP is blocked along the path. HTTP and HTTPS may still be allowed.

3. Are HTTP and HTTPS blocked by a firewall along the path?
Connect a PC to a port in the same vlan/subnet as the master Instant AP. Telnet to port 80 and 443, on

If above is working and still IAP doesn't have cloud activation key, kindly contact Aruba TAC with above details.

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