ESS Settings
>> VE configure > turn ESS Assistant on
ESS System Settings

pylontec 5000
4800Wh > x 3 = 14400Wh / 48V = 300Ah

The settings that are specific to the Pylontech battery in the
VEConfigure ESS Assistant are below:
>> Select the externally managed Lithium battery option :
- Sustain voltage. 48V
- Dynamic cut-off values set all values to 46V.
- Restart offset: 1.2V (Default)
- Question: PV Inverters
Are there PV inverters connected on the AC out
of the Multi/Quattro system? >> No

Settings on Gerbo GX
- Problem after setting to ESS mode: systems runs always in passthrough mode
>> ESS > Grid metering >> "set to Inverter/Charger"
- ESS: Grid setpoint - default 50W
-> this means always get 50W from grid
-> setting this to 0W: Multiplus tries to keep 0W,
if you set this to -20W the Multiplus feeds some Watts to the Grid

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