- Firewall logs
on management server:
- fw logswitch name
- del $FWDIR\log\name.log
- del $FWDIR\log\name.alog
- script for log files
REM Edit below to modify fw directory

for /F "tokens=1-4 delims=/ " %%i in ('date /t') do (
set DayOfWeek=%%i
set Month=%%j
set Day=%%k
set Year=%%l
set Date=%%i %%j/%%k/%%l

cd \
cd %FWDIR%\log

ren fwd.log fwd.%Year%%Month%%Day%.log
ren fwui.log fwui.%Year%%Month%%Day%.log
ren mdq.log mdq.%Year%%Month%%Day%.log
ren sam.log sam.%Year%%Month%%Day%.log
ren aclientd.log aclientd.%Year%%Month%%Day%.log
ren aftpd.log aftpd.%Year%%Month%%Day%.log
ren ahttpd.log ahttpd.%Year%%Month%%Day%.log
ren arlogind.log arlogind.%Year%%Month%%Day%.log
ren asmtpd.log asmtpd.%Year%%Month%%Day%.log
rem atelnetd.log atelnetd.%Year%%Month%%Day%.log

..\bin\fw kill fwd
..\bin\fw d

rc= &docommand("$FWEXE logexport -i $todaylog -o $MYLOG -n");

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