hint from this page: http://www.cryptobadger.com/2017/08/recent-ubuntu-patch-causing-issues-amd-17-x-drivers/

1. Power down the rig and disconnect the risers to the GPUs.
2. Boot up the rig, login, and manually delete the old or suspect AMD GPU drivers, by issuing the command amdgpu-pro-uninstall
3. sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade; sudo apt autoremove for the full Ubuntu cleanse This will also bring you up to 16.04.3, if you’re not there already.
4. Reboot
5. Login and install using the ./amdgpu-pro-install -compute command from the uncompressed AMD GPU driver file you want to use. (I’m on amdgpu-pro 17.30-465504.)
6. Power down and reconnect the risers to the GPUs.
7. Power up and hopefully your miner_launcher.sh will have you mining in no time.

This seems like a bother because it is. The AMD drivers are not that Ubuntu friendly. And the claymore software seems to take lots of low-level actions to enhance speed, perhaps at the expense of stability. But this ritual seems to be the most reliable way of keeping clean.

Always assume your mining rig could self-destruct at any time. Don’t keep any files only there if you would need them to rebuild. And keep notes on how to rebuild so you don’t have to repeat all the blind alleys you encountered on the first journey.

Good luck and happy mining!

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