Transceiver info

display transceiver diagnosis interface Ten-GigabitEthernet 1/0/49
Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/49 transceiver diagnostic information:
Current diagnostic parameters:
Temp.(°C) Voltage(V) Bias(mA) RX power(dBm) TX power(dBm)
46 3.39 45.34 -0.99 -2.53
Alarm thresholds:
Temp.(°C) Voltage(V) Bias(mA) RX power(dBm) TX power(dBm)
High 73 3.80 88.00 3.50 3.50
Low -3 2.80 1.00 -8.00 -9.50



. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverVendorName.49; Value (OctetString): HPE

. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverTransferDistance.49; Value (Integer): 220 >> 220m

Cur TX power (dBm)
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverCurTXPower.49; Value (Integer): -252
Indicating the current transmitted power.The unit is in hundredths of dBM. >> -2.52dBm

Cur RX power (dBm)
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverCurRXPower.49; Value (Integer): -99
Indicating the current received power. The unit is in hundredths of dBM. >> -0.99dBm

Cur Temp °C
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverTemperature.49; Value (Integer): 46
Indicating the current temperature. The unit is Celsius centigrade. >> 45C

Cur Voltage (V)
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverVoltage.49; Value (Integer): 339
Indicating the current voltage. The unit is in hundredths of V >> 3.39V

Cur Bias (mA)
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverBiasCurrent.49; Value (Integer): 4534
Indicating the current bias electric current. The unit is in hundredths of mA >> 45.34mA

Alarm Temp High
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverTempHiAlarm.49; Value (Integer): 73000 >> 73°C
Transceiver temperature high alarm threshold limit in thousandths of degrees Celsius.
As an example:49120 is 49.120 degrees Celsius.

Alarm Temp Low
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverTempLoAlarm.49; Value (Integer): -3000 >> -3°C

Alarm Voltage High
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverVccHiAlarm.49; Value (Integer): 37952 >> 3.80V
Transceiver VCC high alarm threshold limit in hundreds of microvolts.
As an example:32928 is 3.2928 volts. Returns zero if not supported on the transceiver.

Alarm Voltage Low
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverVccLoAlarm.49; Value (Integer): 28048 >> 2.80V

Alarm Bias High
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverBiasHiAlarm.49; Value (Integer): 88000 >> 88.00mA
Transceiver bias high alarm threshold limit in microamps

Alarm Bias Low
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverBiasLoAlarm.50; Value (Integer): 1000 >> 1.00mA

!!dBm = 10 * log ( Leistung / 1mw)
Alarm TX power dBM high
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverPwrOutHiAlarm.49; Value (Integer): 22387
Transceiver transmit power high alarm threshold limit in tenths of microwatts.
As an example:10000 is 1 milliwatt.

Alarm TX power dBM low
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverPwrOutLoAlarm.49; Value (Integer): 1122

Alarm RX power dBM high
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverRcvPwrHiAlarm.49; Value (Integer): 22387

Alarm RX power dBM low
. Name/OID: hh3cTransceiverRcvPwrLoAlarm.49; Value (Integer): 1585

. OctetString List with Errors
Bitmask indicating transceiver errors.
Transceiver information I/O error(0)
Transceiver information checksum error(1)
Transceiver type and port configuration mismatch(2)
Transceiver type not supported by port hardware(3)
WIS local fault(4)
Receive optical power fault(5)
PMA/PMD receiver local fault(6)
PCS receive local fault(7)
PHY XS receive local fault(8)
Laser bias current fault(9)
Laser temperature fault(10)
Laser output power fault(11)
TX fault(12)
PMA/PMD transmitter local fault(13)
PCS transmit local fault(14)
PHY XS Transmit Local Fault(15)
RX loss of signal(16)

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