show ap association
> see clients connected to ap, and their bssid

pcap start <bssid> <ip of wireshark pc> <udp port of wireshark pc> 1 1000
> example: pcap start 55:44:77:33:99:cc 5555 1 10000

> no we see a capture id of the job, for example: pcap-id:2

on wireshark pc:
- Wireshark Capture Option
- Capture Filter: udp 5555
- no we see a lot of data, click of one of them, an say: "decode as PEEKREMOTE", now we see the wlan frames
- to see the packets of a specific client entere a filter, for example: wlan.addr aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff

stopping the capture on the controller:
> pcap stop <bssid> <session-number>
> for example: pcap stop 55:44:77:33:99:cc 2

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