- fresh installation tested on ubuntu server 22.04 and 23.10

- turn on syslog-like message logging submit the changes and make sure
that the syslog services of the site are enabled (omd config sitename)

- send some syslog teste messages:
echo '<78>Jan 15 12:23:01 mytestserver01 myapplication: is working now.' | nc -w 1 -u <checkmk-serverip> 514
echo 'This is no syslog message' | nc -w 1 -u <checkmk-serverip> 514

- make sure that the test syslog messages are seen on the system, using tcpdump:
tcpdump port 514
- if you send the syslog message from the own machine, make sure to monitor your loopback interface:
tcpdump -i lo port 514

- normaly you should now see a log file under your site ./var/mkevent/messages/somelogfile.log

>> the problem with version 2.2.0p18 was that the directory "messages" under ./var/mkevent/ was not created and also no log files.
As soon as I installed 2.2.0p17 or earlier the messages directory was created and also the log files

INFO 2023-01-18>> seams to be a bug checkmk will be fixed with version 2.2.0p19!

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