usecase: we needed an openvpn server to connect our mango router (Modell: GL-MT300N-V2) via openvpn to an openvpn server,
so that clients behind the router, are getting internet through the server machine

install necessary packages:

openvpn with easy-rsa
- apt-get install easy-rsa openvpn
- easy-rsa is a great tool that helps you to build your own certificate authority


since the installation is quiet complex, let's use a script:

found on:
>> this leaded us to a cool script:

>> this is the install script:
wget -O

The configuration file has been written to /root/mango1.ovpn.
Download the .ovpn file and import it in your OpenVPN client.

useful commands:
systemctl restart openvpn@server
systemctl status openvpn@server

#status check
-- ps aux |grep openvpn
-- netstat -tulpn | grep :51194

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