in HPE IMC it happens that you get temperature warning and critical alerts because the temperature is 40000 Celcius high, when the target switch device is an CX switch

you need to make same special configurations! (see details in the document below):
For temperature monitoring, IMC reads a standard MIB object in the Entity table in Celsius. This MIB object is not supported by Aruba OS CX, the following private MIB object is recommended. Therefore we need to remove the standard temperature monitor from CX devices and set up a special global index monitor on arubaWiredTempSensorTemperature. MIB object.

- cx temp sensor: OID
Global index: Name: arubaWiredTempSensorTemperature Custom Measurement: MillidegreesCelsius
[index1[2]:arubaWiredTempSensorGroupIndex:1:0].[index2[2]: arubaWiredTempSensorSlotTypeIndex:1:0].[index3[2]:arubaWiredTempSensorSlotIndex:1:0].[ index4[2]:arubaWiredTempSensorIndex:1:0]]
Formula: OR, If it is required for the monitor to be displayed in Celsius use this:


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