KNX IP devices - with aruba os switches

>> for communication the multicast default address is !
>> it is very important that igmp is configured, and on of the switches has the igmp querier role !

The IP routing multicast address defines the destination address for the IP messages of KNX IP devices.
The default address is the address for KNXnet/IP devices set by the KNX Association in conjunction with IANA.
This address should be maintained and only changed if the existing network requires the use of a different address.

By default, these messages are sent as multicast messages to the multicast IP address, port 3671.

Configuration on Arubo OS switch side

- own vlan, for example vlan 100 name knx

- configure all knx ip devices to be in vlan 100 (untagged)

- enable igmp on the switch and the vlan!
(1) set ip lookup mode, to be able to use igmp version 3
>> igmp lookup-mode ip

>enable igmp in the vlan, and assign for example port 1 to 5 on the switch, also give the switch an ip address so that the igmp network can have a querier!
>> vlan 100
name "knx"
untagged 1-5
ip address
ip igmp
ip igmp version 3

- igmp show commands
show ip igmp groups

IGMP Group Address Information

VLAN ID Group Address Expires UpTime Last Reporter | Type
------- --------------- ------------- ------------- --------------- + ------
100 0h 4m 14s 0h 28m 31s | Filter
100 0h 4m 17s 0h 28m 32s | Filter

show ip igmp
> here you should see the Querier Address

- how to see the igmp messages? debugging on switch
>> debug ip igmp
>> debug destination session
>> to turn off, say: no debug ip igmp

you should see messages like this:
0008:18:05:26.57 IGMP mIpPktRecv: Received an IGMP v3 membership report; VID:100
port:1 src: dest:

example KNX ip device: ABB i-bus® KNX IP-Router IPR/S 3.1.1 Produkthandbuch

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