we talk about Menekes 720580 nri06 Wallboxes
>> things we found out:

- each wallbox has an 2,4Ghz wifi acces point
- if you connect to the wifi you get an ip address in range 172.31.0.*
- you can access a webfrontend using
- on the webfontend you can connect the device to an existing 2.4GHz wifi

#LAN on Mennekes HCC3 controller
- if you connect via LAN you need to give your device an static ip in range 192.168.0.*/24 but not
- you can ping
- you can access a webfrontend on, to change settings you need a ping
- you can change the lan ip address here

#software updates and more
- https://www.mennekes.de/emobility/services/software-updates/ >> Amtron professional
- Software Update 1.13 für AMTRON® Xtra (E/R) und AMTRON® Premium (E/R/W) can be uploaded via http://..:25000/ port tcp 25000

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