Workdir: /some/path
Target[home.cpu]: `/usr/bin/awk '/cpu /{print $2+$3; print $2+$3+$4; print "quite some time"; print "home"}'</proc/stat`
Title[home.cpu]: Processor stats at home
PageTop[home.cpu]: <H1>Processor stats</H1>
MaxBytes[home.cpu]: 100
Unscaled[home.cpu]: ymwd
Options[home.cpu]: growright,nopercent
LegendI[home.cpu]: &nbsp;user:
LegendO[home.cpu]: &nbsp;total:
Ylegend[home.cpu]: %
ShortLegend[home.cpu]: %
Legend1[home.cpu]: Time spent in user mode
Legend2[home.cpu]: Time spent in user mode + time spent in system mode
Legend3[home.cpu]: Maximum occurance of time spent in user mode
Legend4[home.cpu]: Maximum occurance of (time spent in user mode + time spent in system mode)

under AIX:
->> vmstat under aix:
Target[home.cpu]: `/usr/bin/vmstat |tail -n 1 |awk '{print 100-$16; print $14}'`

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