Motherboard Z390-A PRO (MS-7B98) MSI - trouble with more than 4 GPU
--> with CPU Intel Pentium Gold G5400 + 4GB RAM


when the computer starts we get the following message, and have to visit always the Bios settings:

"!!!! PCI Resource ERROR !!!
PCI OUT of Resoures Condition:

ERROR: Insufficient PCI Resources Detected!!!

System is running with Insufficient PCI Resources!
In order to display this message some
PCI devices were set to disabled state!
It is strongly recommendet to Power Off the System
and remove some PCI/PCI Express cards from the system.
...... "


using the following settings with the BIOS from January / February 2021, 6 Graphic devices (GPUs) could be successfully used:

Settings/Advanced/PCIe/PCI Sub-system Settings
- PEG0 - Max Link Speed: Gen1
- PCI Latency Timer: 32 PCI Bus
- Above 4G memory/crypto Currency mining: Enabled

Settings/Advanced/Integrated Peripherals
- HD Audio Controller: Disabled

Settings/Advanced/Integrated Graphics Configuration
- Initiate Graphic Adapter: IGD

Settings/Advanced/Super IO Configuration
- Serial Port: Disabled
- Parallel Port: Disabled

Settings/Advanced/Power Managenment Setup
- Restore after AC Power Loss: Power On

Settings/Advanced/Windows OS Configuration:
- Windows 10 WHQL Support: UEFI
- FAST Boot: disabled

- POST Beep Enabled
- Boot mode slect: UEFI

>>> The most importend setting, is setting the Integrated Graphics Adapter to "on" (Initiate Graphic Adapter: IGD),
after that, the warning vanished, and the systems runs stable

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