#Monitoring Lenovo Xclarity Controller

- for example ThinkSystem SR630

on XClarity Controller

(1) Define contact and location
To enable the SNMPv3 agent, the following criteria must be met:
A BMC contact is specified
A BMC location is specified

Server Configuration > Server Properties:
define contact and building (= location)

(2) add a local user
BMC Configuration
User /LDAP > Global Settings: unset option "Force to change password on first access"
User/LDAP: add a local user
monitor / <password>
Authority level: Read-only
under SNMP Settings choose Authentication protocol "HMAC-SHA"

(3) enable snmp-v3
BMC Configuration
Network > SNMP setup
>> Enable SNMPv3 Agent >> Apply

(4) test snmp query
snmpwalk -v 3 -u monitor <host||ip-address> #if there is no Authentication protocol
snmpwalk -v 3 -u monitor <host||ip-address> -l authNoPriv -a SHA -A <password> #if Authentication protocol = HMAC-SHA

(5) don't forget to disable password expiration!
BMC Configuration
User /LDAP > Global Settings:
Password expiration period: 0
Password expiration warning period:0

>> now get check_ lenovo xcc script from exchange.nagios.org:

run test:
check_lenovo_xcc.sh -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -u monitor -l authNoPriv -a SHA -A <password> -T health

errors and solutions:
- snmpwalk: Unknown user name
>> solution: BMC configuration > User/LDAP > Global Settings
>> unset option "Force to change password on first access"
- snmpwalk: Unsupported security level
>> solution: maybe missing Authentication protocol under User/LDAP > user specific SNMP Settings

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