hpe aruba switch - how to renew expired https certificate

1.) check local certificates
command: show crypto pki local-certificate

>> you should see a column with Expiration and the date

1.) in the event log of the switch you should see something like:
W 07/07/22 15:47:33 03425 crypto: Certificate used by http-ssl application is expired

2.) remove the expired certificates

2.1) to remove just the web certificate use:
>> command: crypto pki clear certificate-name <cert-name>
>> <cert-name> can be found out from step 1!

2.2) to remove all pki
>> command: crypto pki zeroize

3.) generate a new certificate
>> command: crypto pki enroll-self-signed certificate-name <cert-name> valid-start <mm/dd/yyyy> valid-end <mm/dd/yyyy> subject common-name <name>
>> <cert-name> could be your dns name, or your switchname
>> <name> could be your dns name, or your switchname
>> if you do not specify valid-start and valid-end the certificate will be valid for one year

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