in switch log I detected messages like:
Mar 09 10:34:38 switch-8320-1 hpe-restd[4889]: Event|7708|LOG_INFO|AMM|1/1|Certificate verified and accepted

>> since I don't want to use Aruba central in this setup let's disable it:

switch-8320-1# conf t
switch-8320-1(config)# aruba-central
switch-8320-1(config-aruba-central)# disable
switch-8320-1(config-aruba-central)# exit


to check the Aruba Central settings run command:
switch-8320-1(config)# show aruba-central
Central admin state : disabled

Central location : N/A
VRF for connection : N/A
Shared Token : N/A
Central connection status : N/A

Central source : none
Central source connection status : N/A
Central source last connected on : N/A
System time synchronized from Activate : False

Activate Server URL :
CLI location : N/A

Source IP : N/A
Source IP Overridden : False

Central support mode : disabled

>> you should see the admin state "disabled"

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