#wake on lan inuc (works with latest inter bios + driver under windows 10)
inuc1: etherwake -i br0 94:c6:91:14:62:03
inuc2: etherwake -i br0 94:C6:91:14:68:2c

#shutdown windows 10 remotly

idea: user samba-comman package on linux and then command "net rpc shutdown"

settings on windonws 10 to get it running:
problem 1: Connection failed: NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT
solution : open windows fireall port 445 for linux machine

problem 2: Could not initialise pipe winreg. Error was NT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND
sc config RemoteRegistry start=auto
sc start RemoteRegistry

(2) problem: you get error: WERR_CALL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED on linux
solution: registry editor
>> HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Policies/System
>> create DWORD with vale LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy >> set value to 1

execute shutdown on linux
net rpc shutdown -f -t0 -S inuc1 -U user%password
net rpc shutdown -f -t0 -S inuc2 -U user%password

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