How to monitor an IBM FlashSystem 5000 via checkmk?

1) on checkmk site console level > create a ssh private and public key
1.1: OMD[sitename]:~$ ssh-keygen
1.2: copy public file to your computer: .ssh/

2) connect to IBM FlashSystem 5000 Webfrontend
2.1: Go to Access > Monitor
2.2: create a user: cmkmonitor and upload the (don't use the password)

3) test access from checkmk site "sitename"
OMD[sitename]:~/.ssh$ ssh cmkmonitor@your-ip
> after you accept the ssh public key, you should be on the IBM system itself, run a help command there:
activatefeature - Activates a function using a trial period or license key.
addcontrolenclosure - Adds control enclosures to the system.
... many many options more

4) no lets have a look on the checkmk special check for this system
4.1: create a host object, let's say "storage-ibm01"
4.2: create a service rule
-setup: search for IBM svc > you should find the following:
>> Setup > Agents > Other integrations > IBM SVC / V7000 storage systems
>> create a new rule, in the field: IBM SVC / V7000 user name, enter the name you created on the IBM system, in your sample it is cmkmonitor
>> under Explicit hosts, select the created checkmk object, in the sample "storage-ibm01"
4.3: go to the host object "storage-ibm01" and run a discovery
>> that's it . you should see a lot of services

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