checkmk network monitoring -> best practice when monitoring all network ports

idea comes from article "3 rules to rule them all" by Alexander Wilms
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1) rename important switch ports on the devices, e.g. uplink_server1, access_point
> a problem is: some vendors use the SNMP table Alias, others the table Description
> solution: 2 x checkmk rules ( 1 x alias + 1 x decription) +
>> define a new Host Tag "if_alias_desc" / Title: Interface: by Alias/by Description
>>> Tag ID: default - Title: default
>>> Tag ID: if_alias - Title: use Alias
>>> Tag ID: if_desc - Title: use Description

2) rule to discover all network ports:
> Network interface and switch port discovery > create 2 new rules
> >from "Use Index" to "Use alias" and condition tag "use Alias" + Condations for this rule to apply: Match all interfaces

3) rule to separete access ports from "vip" ports
Services > Service monitoring > new rule: Network interfaces and switch ports

3.1: rule for access ports, name is for example 0001:
- Operating speed: ignore speed
- Operational state: ignroe the operational state
- port specification: \d+ || Gigabit Ethernet || and more
- maybe use label condition: cmk/device_type:switch

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